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Yes, but it is important you notify the coordinator in advance so the correct course notes can be prepared as well as you must notify the teacher in advance so you may write the exam in the language of your choice.

For a second copy of the course notes, there will be fees. Contact the coordinator to know the price.

Yes, but is it is the responsibility of the student to verify with the OPPQ if a temporary permit and insurance is required to practice in Québec for the duration of the course.
Students who took courses in the old system must re-take the two courses corresponding to the last level in which they were enrolled (ie. If you last took E3V3, then you must take both the Level 3 Upper and Level 3 Lower Quadrant courses).
It is not possible for the AQPMA Administration Committee to organize a course but we are always open to discussion with an external organizer with regards to a confirmed student list and appropriate classroom setting. Please contact the coordinator to discuss further.
There is no time limit for completing the courses, but it is strongly recommended to follow the courses often.
No, because it is not the same teaching system.
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