Les politiques de l’AQPMA

Voici les différentes politiques en vigueur à l’AQPMA. N’hésitez pas à contacter notre coordonnateur si vous ne trouvez pas réponse à votre question.
Any exam candidate engaging in dishonest practices during an exam will lose his or her right to complete the exam. The use of books, papers, calculators, audio-visual aids or any other aid or device other than those authorized by the CPA is prohibited.

It is also prohibited to: speak or communicate with another candidate during the exam, to show your exam or share your answers with another candidate, and to film videos during the course.

In order to register for the courses given by the AQPMA, physiotherapists practicing in Québec are obligated to be a registered member in good standing with the OPPQ. For physiotherapists practicing outside of Québec, they must provide their registration number from a recognized college of physiotherapy and be a current member in good standing.

Furthermore, students practicing outside of the province of Québec must contact the OPPQ in order to obtain a permit to practice in Québec and a proper insurance for the duration of the course. A copy of this permit must be sent to the coordinator of the AQPMA prior to the course’s commencement.

You must allow for up to a delay of two months between levels 1-2 and 2-3 to allow the teachers enough time to grade the exams and to send the exam marks to the AQPMA.

It is important you ensure you can make yourself available for all three weekends of each of the Level 2 and 3 courses. You are not allowed to interchange a weekend with another course of the same level. This is to ensure that every student receives all the expected material, as the order in which each course is taught may differ between courses and teachers. In case of illness, a doctor’s note must be provided and the AQPMA will do its best to accommodate the student, but without guarantee.

A fee of $50.00 will be applied for all changes made to your registration (i.e. cancellation, postponement, changing to another group, late registration to the CPA) prior to the registration deadline.
A 100% reimbursement will be given minus the $50.00 administration fee for cancellations prior to the registration deadline (as per postmark date).

A 50% reimbursement will be given minus the $50.00 administration fee for cancellations occurring after the registration deadline but before 21 days prior to the first day of the course.

No reimbursement will be given for any cancellation within the 20 days prior to the beginning of the course.

Only the person registered in the course can request the cancellation of his or her registration.

  • A student may be absent for 10% of the course without justification (equivalent to 3.5 hours for a block of 35 hours).
  • A student who misses a day must have a justification and a doctor’s note.
  • If the student misses more than one day: the block of classes must be retaken.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to contact the teachers to receive the appropriate case history.
You may only audit a course if you have completed the same course within the last five years. Confirmation will only be given once the registration deadline has passed for the regular participants. Fees of $89.00 ($77.41 + tax) per day for the Levels 2 and 3 and $110.00 ($95.68 + tax) per day for the Quadrant 4 and 5 courses will be charged (no CPA rebate will be given). You may only audit a course in its entirety. If an auditor requires course notes, the AQPMA coordinator must be informed at the time the confirmation is given and these notes are at the auditor’s expense.
The AQPMA sends you a pass or fail confirmation and not the exams or exam marks themselves within two months following the exam date. If you wish to receive a rush confirmation, you need to advise the teacher. The only accepted reason to place a rush on an exam correction is in the case of participant being registered in another course in the program, which requires the exam mark and successful completion of a prerequisite course.
The passing grade is set at 65%. This is a cumulative average of the two portions of the exam (the written portion and the case history). The participant has the right to one retake of an exam, which must occur within two years after the failed exam and will take place when a course of the same title and same level sits the exam. Registration for retaking an exam can be made through the AQPMA coordinator either by phone or by email within one month following the participant’s being notified of the failed exam. If more than two years passes, then the course must be taken again in its entirety. Please note that absence from the exam will be considered a fail.

As per the OPPQ policy, each physiotherapist is now responsible for completing his or her own portfolio. Please visit https://oppq.qc.ca/ for more details.

In order to pass each manual therapy course, active participation by the student during each practice session is required. This means the student must practice the techniques taught by the teacher on a student colleague and in return, the student must allow the techniques to be practiced on him or her. Proper clothing must be worn in order to expose the appropriate areas to be practiced on. If a student has a medical condition whereby he or she cannot have certain techniques practiced on him or her, the coordinator and the teacher must be informed prior to beginning the course. No other reason will be accepted to justify a student’s not practicing during one or more practical sessions of the course.

Last Updated: November 13, 2023

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